Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sistem eHousemen

Hello there everyone. It's been a few months since the last post and that's cause thankfully i've managed to get a housemanship training spot in Penang GH. Life here is cool (i'll save the details for another post in the future).

Today i'm gonna be talking a bit about e-houseman system. My batch was one of the first ones to use the system. In fact, my batch applied for our hospitals using the old paper system and later on found out halfway that we needed to resubmit our applications via ehouseman. I think this topic is important as many have misconceptions about the system on paper vs in real life.

Lets say you've followed all the steps in my previous post and now you're ready for ehouseman. Ok! so proceed to this website Proceed to login with your IC. Complete the registration.

Ok lets say you registered for Ehouseman when its not the intake period for houseman. So you have to wait until they make the announcement on the website on the date that the portal will be opened. An example would be as follows:

Sistem ini dibuka mulai jam 12.00 tengahari, 7 September 2015 hingga 14 September 2015 untuk permohonan penempatan/ penangguhan oleh: 

(i) Calon yang telah menerima surat tawaran pelantikan Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam bertarikh 2 Julai 2015 hingga 28 Ogos 2015; dan 

(ii) Calon yang diluluskan penangguhan sehingga sesi pengambilan Oktober 2015.

So as you can see, the date that you received the offer letter from SPA plays an important role in when you get to apply for ehouseman. This is how the system limits the amount of applicants by only allowing applicants with offer letters from a certain period of time.

Let me clear up some misconceptions about the system. The idea that newspapers give readers about the system is that as a medical graduate, you will be able to apply anywhere you want but be prepared to wait to get the choice that you want. This paints a picture that all the hospitals will be listed alongside their respective waiting times.

However, this is not entirely the case. Instead, there will be a list of hospitals with training spots available. There will be a list of hospitals alongside the number of training spots in brackets. Example: " Hospital Pulau Pinang (60 tempat)" . The shocker is that you can see the amount of spots decreasing with every refresh of the page. There will also be a button where you can press to defer your placement till the next time the portal opens.

I'll just share my experience with the system.

My date of ehousemen was 11May 2015 12pm sharp. Not sure if I was nervous, but I suddenly felt the urge to BO at 11.50am. Manatau some of my batchmates posted that they managed to login at 11.56am. I straight went to login my data. Then I found out I have to fill up some family and educational background details first before I was allowed to proceed to choose my hospital (Precious time wasted). When I finally came to the list, I was shown a long list of all the hospitals with their empty slots. I actually took my time looking through all the states to see hospitals that I liked. However, I realized that with every click of each state the numbers of slots in the hospitals kept reducing in number. Until it came to a point where there were no hospitals shown in the list at 12.10pm. Following that, the system crashed and I was unable to login. Most of my batchmates then went on a rampage of FB saying that they faced the same problem and could not choose the hospitals.

Suddenly at 3pm, the system came back online after much refreshing. Realizing that, I quickly spammed the hospitals that I had in mind. I clicked upon Penang GH and pressed Mohon. However, initially it didnt manage to go through and the page kept on hanging. Again after much retries, I managed to get my application processed and the page TAHNIAH came up. Once again, there was half of my batch whom didnt manage to get through the system. They had to wait another week of constant refreshing until the system went back up again.

There are many conspiracy theories as to why the system went down, but for the benefit of the doubt, lets just say that the system could not handle such a large amount of requests for the first round.

Leave a comment if you guys have any questions. I'll check back and try to answer them. :)